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Again, this isn’t Disney related, but still really important.

The other day, a boy that goes to my school committed suicide. He was going to be a senior this fall. Everyone is saying “I don’t understand, why would he do this?” The whole school is in shock, and all I can think of is how his family must feel. He had two older sisters. I personally cannot fathom life without my brother, and I can’t imagine what they must be going through.
But the point of this post, other than to honor him, is to make everyone aware of the fact that I am always here to talk to you. If you ever ever need to say something to anyone, please, talk to me. Just don’t keep it bottled up inside, because it doesn’t help. Remember that if you ever need to talk to someone, you can go in my ask box. If it’s here, or on my personal, it makes no difference. Just know that there’s always someone to talk to.
If you ever want to talk, go here-
And I’ll try my best to help.
Rest in peace, Billy. We’ll all be missing you at graduation this year.

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LOVE BRAVE? Become a member of the Brave Feels Club!

What you get:

  1. 1 Large Merida bow (with Hair) or 2 Large Merida bows (without hair)
  2. All 3 mini Merida bows (with or without hair)
  3. 1 Merida Gadgets & Gizmos Board
  4. 1 Disney Store Brave Cup

To Qualify:

  1. You must be following me.
  2. Your ask box must be open.
  3. You may only use 1 blog to enter (If you make new blogs or use more then 1, you will be disqualified)
  4. Reblog this ONLY 1 time.
  5. Like this post.
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The winner will be chosen June 17 (My B-Day) at 5pm EST and will be shipped out ASAP in time for the opening of Brave.

If the winner doesn’t contact me that night, I will choose a new winner. The winner is chosen using a random number generator.

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Hey guys so this doesn’t relate to Disney at all, but it’s still very very important.
On Saturday night I will be participating in my local Relay for Life. It’s a walk to raise money for cancer research and awareness and to help cancer patients who cannot afford treatment. It’s a very important cause that I’m extremely invested in, and it has emotional relevance to me as well.
When I was in first grade, my aunt died of breast cancer. I was too young to understand what had happened, but now that I’m older, I want to help generate awareness for cancer, and what you can do to prevent it or catch it early. If there had been more cancer recognition, and emphasis on prevention and early detection, my aunt probably would still be alive.
As I’ve said before, this is a charity that means a lot to me, and to many other people.
That’s why I’m asking all of you to please consider donating to my team, and help me reach my goal of $150 to benefit cancer patients. Every single penny helps, and it will mean so much to the family that is receiving the donation.
My donation site can be found here-
And you can learn more about Relay and where your money will be going here-
Thank you so much!

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mylovefordisneylife asked: I had no idea you swam! That's awesome! I swam in high school and loved it. And you love Disney. You're like my new favorite person :)

I love swimming! And i think I must’ve mentioned it in my FAQ or something because for a second I was like “how’d that anon know I swim?” but anyways… Anyone that swims and loves Disney is my best friend so :)

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Anonymous asked: Whats ur event in swimming and ur fastest time.

Haha that’s random… But I swim the 500 free and 100 fly :) my fastest times for those are 6:16 and 1:10. Anyone else wanna share their times?

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ok so first, ignore the messy room in the background. second, i just got back from a water polo tournament, and we painted our faces and our stomachs to support our team. i know it looks insane.

alright! so on April 14, i ordered a Peter Pan bow from Magical Ribbons. the girl who owns the site, Hayley, was so nice and easy to order from. i was a little bit skeptical, thinking that the bows couldn’t be as amazing as everyone said they were. i was completely wrong. all the reviews you see on her blog, they’re all absolutely right. the bow is beautiful and very high quality. it looks so amazing in person and i couldn’t wait to wear it! the bow came in the mail last night (because i told her i didn’t need it until May 5), and i freaked out. it was perfect timing because my friends and i were planning to dress up and cheer for our varsity water polo team the next day. the bow went perfectly with my outfit and stayed in the entire time as i screamed and cheered along with my team. if you’re skeptical about ordering like i was, just do it! i promise that it’s well worth the money. i’ll definitely be ordering more bows (perhaps some ariel minis?) and i suggest that all of you go check out Hayley’s site.

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Also if anyone happens to be at the CSL Varsity Girl’s Water Polo Conference tomorrow (which would be an insane coincidence) you should tell me! We could like meet up and stuff!

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Hey guys! I apologize for not being on at all in the past week or so. My life has been pretty hectic with school and water polo, but since water polo is over this week, things should be back to normal! I’ll make some facts and they’ll go up starting tomorrow. Also, I recently ordered from (and if you’ve no idea who she is, GO CHECK HER OUT), and I’ve got my varsity conference tomorrow. The bow kind of matches my outfit, so I’ll be posting a picture and a review of it then.

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Unless you are poor, brown, female, Jewish, or gay.

I’m not gonna tag this Disney cuz that’s rude, but I’m not into the Walt Disney worship I see here on Tumblr, or in real life. The man was a racist and sexist bigot who designed Disney Land as a tribute to a pastoral version of America that never existed. He placed it in Anaheim, where minorities who were too poor and marginalized in Southern California to, by and large, afford cars could not get to it, and instructed admissions employees to discourage them from coming. He refused to hire black or brown people except one woman who was forced to perform in near-minstrel capacity as Aunt Jemima in the Aunt Jemima Pancake House on Orleans Street. He also was a public supporter of some of the most vile anti-Semites in America.

You can talk about modern Disney and all the progress its made from these frankly nauseating beginnings, but holding Walt Disney up as some champion of individuality, self-expression, and self-esteem is a damn lie. He only wanted you to be yourself if you were white and middle class. 

I just want to say that this is absolutely false. I’m not saying it’s an outright lie, but it contains many hurtful misconceptions. First, Walt Disney was not anti-Semetic. This is a common misconception because he was once honored with an award from an organization that was predominately anti-Semetic. This does not mean that Walt hated Jews. Rather, he was very accepting of everyone. Many of his close friends and family were and still are offended by these accusations. Second, Walt would not “only want you to be yourself if you’re white and middle class”. Walt actually grew up in a family that struggled for money in Chicago. He came to California with his entire life savings in his pocket, about $20. Why would he look down on poor people if he grew up understanding what it’s like to not have enough money? Also, Walt was born in Chicago in 1901 to an Irish father and a German mother. I pride myself on knowing a lot about Chicago history, and I can tell you for a fact that minorities in Chicago in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s had a very poor standard of living. Most of them were immigrants and so they got all the jobs no one wanted to do. We can assume that Walt’s early life was very likely filled with him being looked down upon for being a minority. Like I said before, why would Walt look down on minorities when he himself knows how that feels? Third, Walt did not choose Anaheim as the location for Disneyland because there was an excess of minorities living there. Walt originally imagined Disneyland as a small carnival-like area next to the Burbank studios where Disney employees could take their children on the weekend. When he realized that this area would be too small, he hired a consultant who suggested that he purchase land in Anaheim because there was a lot of land and it was very cheap. Everything you are saying is very rude and offensive, and I’d encourage you to check your sources before slandering another person.



Okay both things are really stupid, but I’ll just be completely frank. Walt is worth admiring for things he was, an entrepenuer, a dreamer, an innovator, he thought everything deserved a try and if he failed he tried again; this why  he’s a great inspiration for me. Yeah Walt had it tough growing up and he had it tough getting his own studio, no one believed in full feature animated film, no one believed in Disneyland, he would go broke they said. But he did it, he was a risk taker. He gambled and he lived, that’s why I love Walt so damn much. He took great chances and followed his dream, I swear to God he followed every single dream,aspiration, he had. That’s why Walt is worth admiring.

Guys, PEOPLE ON TUMBLR, he was NOT THIS PERFECT MAN WITH THIS WARM CARING GRANDPA QUALITY TO HIM. BOTH TAKES ABOVE OF HIM ARE WRONG. He was caring and kind to his family, he had charm and was extremely energetic and inventive,yes. But was a very,very harsh and demanding boss who rarely offer praise. He was extremely conservative and stuck to strict family values (he came from a very strict father). I do not believe he was anti-sematic BECAUSE NO SUCH INFORMATION OR PIECE OF ACTUAL EVIDENCE EXISTS. 

Walt clearly did reflect the values of the American people of the time, you can see it in his Disney movies. Sexism,racism, homophobia, yeah all that’s there, I do frankly see Walt sharing some of these believes. Does this make him a bad person? No, most white people born into a white family in 1900s probably had some same believes. Was he a racist bigot who wanted all the fags and jews to burn in hell? Uhm,no.

Walt was human. He had flaws and those can be seen and examined carefully in his movie. You can also see his virtues in his movies, he’s love for creativity,dreaming, detail and stories comes afloat. I love Walt with all my heart and I’m admire him deeply. However, I will never deny that he had problematic views and that’s why Disney is problematic. Praising or condemning him is not helpful. He’s like any other historical figure, problematic and unlikely perfect.

It’s your choice whether you love Walt or hate him, either is fine with me. But you cannot deny that whatever you think about him, one thing is that he left an imprint on this world that can never be erased.

Ok so I wrote my above comment to the original post really quickly and didn’t really think much about what I left out. I agree with you, Walt was not a man without faults. He was definitely very strict and difficult to please. That’s very true. But he was not anti-Semetic (there’s plenty of sources for that), and he was not as prejudiced against minorities as most people would like to believe. People tend to forget that that was what the world was like back then. I’m not saying this as an excuse, but may I simply point out that even President FDR (the president during WWII) was slightly anti-Semtic, as were many other government officials, including the American ambassador to Germany right before WWII. It’s simply what the world was like. Walt was not anti-Semetic in the sense that he hated all Jews (like you said above), but there was an inkling of dislike. I realize that I probably painted a very lovely picture of Walt in the first comment, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have faults.

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