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ok so first, ignore the messy room in the background. second, i just got back from a water polo tournament, and we painted our faces and our stomachs to support our team. i know it looks insane.

alright! so on April 14, i ordered a Peter Pan bow from Magical Ribbons. the girl who owns the site, Hayley, was so nice and easy to order from. i was a little bit skeptical, thinking that the bows couldn’t be as amazing as everyone said they were. i was completely wrong. all the reviews you see on her blog, they’re all absolutely right. the bow is beautiful and very high quality. it looks so amazing in person and i couldn’t wait to wear it! the bow came in the mail last night (because i told her i didn’t need it until May 5), and i freaked out. it was perfect timing because my friends and i were planning to dress up and cheer for our varsity water polo team the next day. the bow went perfectly with my outfit and stayed in the entire time as i screamed and cheered along with my team. if you’re skeptical about ordering like i was, just do it! i promise that it’s well worth the money. i’ll definitely be ordering more bows (perhaps some ariel minis?) and i suggest that all of you go check out Hayley’s site.

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